The Unique and Magnificent Ideas for Tall House Plants in Living Room

Despite of the small and low ones, the tall house plants are another great idea to beautify your interior design. Actually, using tall plant is not a new idea. If you see the classic houses popular some centuries ago, it was common to plan even those big trees inside a home. However, you must actually consider some matters before starting to buy the plants. It is related to the condition of your house itself. If you think your house is small enough, it is better to avoid applying the tall thin house plants with large leaf house plants.

The same matter must also be applied for the tall office plants. The big and tall plants generally is more appropriate for the large space anyway. However, if the room is bigger, it must be more flexible for sure. It is even necessary to place tall tropical house plants that are indeed famous for its big leaves.

So, are you interested to apply the tall trees? First of all you may consider where to buy large indoor plants. Next, you must know as well how to treat them well. Since the price of best tall indoor plants is probably quite expensive, you must prepare more budgets for both purchasing and treatments of course.

Tall Pots for Indoor Plants with Nice and Unique Designs

tall pots for indoor plantsSource

tall pots for indoor plantsSource

tall pots for indoor plantsSource

Since the tree or plant planted is tall, it means that pot used must be tall as well. it is for the best tall indoor plants. There are some tips to choose the best pot anyway. If what you have is included in the tall thin house plants, it is more necessary to buy a kind of pot in medium size but it is also height. It is to make the look of plant more balance.

On the other hand, it is such a different case if the plants are not only tall but also big. For this condition, large pot is more recommended. It is not always big of course. You only need to make sure that the pot can load the roots grown well.

The Best Ideas of Tall House Plants for Low Light

tall house plants for low lightSource

tall house plants for low lightSource

Your ceiling is probably not high enough. More than that, it is still added by the low light or chandelier. Of course, the combination of low ceiling and light with tall plant is not necessary. You must trick it. Rather than using chandelier, simple LED light is much better for this situation. Another idea is by using chandelier which is not too big and low.

The tall plant itself can still be applied in this room situation. You only need to make sure that the plants chosen are not too high. If it is possible, you should not place a tree than can simply hit the ceiling for its height.

The Best Ideas of Tall House Plants for Medium Light

tall house plants for low lightSource

tall house plants for medium lightSource

For this lighting condition, it tends to be more flexible for you to apply whatever kind of plants that you want. Medium light means that it is not too low. It is not bad then to place a kind of tall plants that are quite high. It is certainly with a note that the tree or plant must not touch the ceiling.

There are some ideas tall house plants for this kind of room. Bamboo or even palm trees are great to be applied. However, it is suggested not to apply two of them in the same room. Why? It is due to the sense that is different. Bamboo represents the East Asia while palm is more about Middle East.

Tall Bamboo Plants Indoor for Oriental or Modern Style


tall bamboo plants indoorSource

Indoor bamboo plantSource

There are many kinds of tall plants that can be placed inside your home living. One of them is bamboo. The bamboo trees for home decoration are smaller and lower. However, it is still categorized as high or tall indoor plants surely. If you love the idea of oriental home design, this is really a best choice for you. Beside the bamboo trees are beautiful; the price is quite affordable as well.

There is something interesting about oriental interior decoration. Despite it is related to the traditional look of Asia, it is matched with modern interior as well. It is including the application of tall bamboo plants that are definitely great for your modern and minimalist interior decorations.

Just put two or three bamboo plants in vases on the corners of your living room. Its green color and simple design can just make your minimalist room look livelier. Other green trees are also great to be added like to be placed on the table. However, you must not put too many pots of plants except if your house is large enough for all the tall house plants.


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