The Idea of Indoor Palm Plants for More Stunning Interior Design

Indoor palm plants are ideas to apply the green concept inside your home living. Despite giving you the sense of natural and relaxing in which not all houses own them nowadays, this idea is luxurious as well. This kind of decorative indoor plants can just be planted in a bucket or vase that is stunningly designed as well. It is probably quite confusing what kind of palm trees to be used. In fact, palm trees are not related to small plants for indoor necessities in general. The common palm trees that we know are those really tall and even big.

However, it is not an exactly true perception. Palm, even if it can be grown well without any intention, it can also be grown under control. For its beautiful shape, palm is indeed being multiplied by maintaining certain size and height. That’s why, although naturally palm trees are big enough, they can be still small by applying certain farming methods. The results are great. It is when the palm is small and simple enough to be placed inside your home without wasting too much space. Meanwhile, there are also some types of palm that are good for this idea, let’s say the areca palm and majesty palm.
Slightly, the method to maintain the size and height of the palm is almost similar with that used for the bamboo plants. If you notice well, the bamboo is also really popular for indoor decoration lately. If bamboo brings out the nuance of oriental more, it seems that palm is great to make the sense of Middle East in your house. Interestingly, the idea of applying the palm tree can match with any kind of home decoration ideas whether it is modern, vintage, and classic. Just put some of the trees on the room’s corner. It is enough to make your home look cozier.

Small Indoor Palm Plants with Ceramic Vase

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It is something normal if the inner part of your house must not have any remaining ground where you can plant the palm directly there. It means, vase or bucket in this case is more recommended. However, since the mini palm tree here is probably for the decoration, make sure you plant it in a really good placement. Rather than using a bucket that is commonly made from plastic, ceramic vase in this case is more recommended. Sure, if you think you have more money; marble vase can also be another option to choose. Yes, marble is formed naturally from the earth that means it is more rarely and difficult to find compared with the ceramic ones.

If you want to deepen the sense of natural more, using vase made from clay is great as well. the application of ornaments from natural stores can also be chosen for the vase. To lessen the sense of monotonous, you can combine the palm trees with other plants including flowers or bamboo plants. Although the go-green concept is something that wants to accentuate here, it doesn’t mean you must fill in your room with plants. Make sure to remain space to make the atmosphere more comfortable and not cramped.

Tall Indoor Palm Plants for Living Room

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The small palm tree is not the only idea you can apply here. What do you think about palm which is tall enough? Sure, the term tall here doesn’t mean that the tree is really tall just like other palms grow in the outdoor. The height can be seen from the size as well. as long as the tree itself is not too wide, it can just make it look taller. There is no ideal height for a home palm tree for sure. However, you only need to make sure that it will not touch the ceiling since it may make it look less beautiful and elegant.
Similar to the small palm tree mentioned in the previous point, where it grows must be considered as well. Tall palm tree means that it needs bigger placement for sure. Yes, although the plant is slim enough, the height which is more than the others may make the root need more space to grow. The vase must also be strong and anti corrosion. Yes, there is a possibility that the roots will be floating outside and worse the look of the indoor palm plants.


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